Free tools to make great videos for your business

What is the Film in-House Project?

People make videos every day; lately anyone regardless of responsibility, professional background or position is picking up a DSLR camera or a smart phone and are shooting video for work. Everyone is filming! I know what you are going to say… technically no one is filming. In this digital era, everyone is recording video but I believe that “to film” brings the idea of a beautiful composition that comes alive and that is what I want to convey.

We are already making social media videos, testimonials, gifs, captioned videos, lives streaming sessions. Video and audio are the new content currency and they are here to stay. This is how we consume information and how brands communicate their message.

When asked by colleagues, friends and even in video groups, I’ve always tried to contribute the little that I know. I’ve done so without using incredibly technical explanations, sharing in simple terms the knowledge I have acquired over the years and that I continue to learn on a daily basis. This is how the Film In-House Project was born. I wanted to expand my circle and share things I’ve discovered in the world of audiovisual communications. Sharing knowledge keeps me current, no doubt about it, and I want to use it to help you.

I have more than 14 years of experience in the communications industry, most of which have been spent as an in-house video producer. It is quite different to navigate this industry as a freelancer or as a production house crew member than it is to work full-time creating audiovisual content for a business or a nonprofit. I know this first hand as I currently am employed full-time creating video pieces for a living and it is my hope to be able to pass this knowledge on to you.

There will be times when I’ll bring guests (friends) to guide us. I’ll keep current and devour content on the industry for myself but mainly because I believe it is my mission to help others who are in this very same boat.

One-on-one mentoring is also available if you need additional tools, personalized and customized mentoring from an expert.

What makes us different?


Access to short free videos with tips


Option to connect with video professionals for online or in-person consultation on how to implement a small video production in-house.


Tutorials and coaching designed for company employees and teams.


Help businesses utilize their own talent while being good stewards of their funds

This is how the Film in-House can help you:

  • Better results: Yes, people shoot their own video every day and posts online. Sometimes they get hundreds of views, sometimes videos need a little creative push to get people to stay engaged.
  • Engage your audience until the end: Make a video that people want to watch all the way through. Take them through a journey where they feel you are talking directly to them.
  • Make a video people won’t struggle to watch: Shaky videos with poor audio just for the sake of keeping them organic will cause viewers to skip and never come back. Make sure your idea is clear and the quality has few bumps.
  • Start with a formula: It prevents paralysis by analysis. If you streamline your process, you will be able to edit more quickly
  • Save money by using your own human resources: Sometimes there is no need to hire outside when there is talent in your team that can be trained to be proficient in video.
  • Start a new division: You could be the hero manager who builds a video team at work.
  • Start a new passion of your own: Maybe you will discover how much you love video storytelling.
  • Work with what you already have or what is within your budget: Professionals are creating amazing pieces with a smart phone and there are options of gear that will fit any budget.
  • One-on-one training: Just like I have an After Effects tutor that I call upon when I’m stuck, someone I go to when my questions are too specific to find on a tutorial online, you could also benefit from having a video trainer that is solely focused on you and your specific video and filming needs. There is real value in saving time by asking someone to walk you through a process. CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS.
  • Train with someone who is not boasting or trying to impress you with complicated lingo.
  • Female trainees: You will discover the art of videography is not reserved for me and you too can make a career out of this.